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Progress / OpenEdge ABL Language and DBMS Considered Harmful

28 minute read

I won’t go into any detail about how I got the job I currently have programming in Progress OpenEdge ABL, but suffice to say I knew I was in deep trouble from the start when most of the documents about the Progress language I read when learning the language were more focused on “business logic” and how the language makes things “easy” on the programmer rather than displaying the language’s real raw technical strengths.

The cold chill down my spine that I initially felt upon glancing at the language documents has since turned into a fiery rage that burns with the intensity of a thousand suns after having learned it. I have done my best to make do with the language’s limitations, and I believe I have pushed it to about as far as it can go without directly linking into external .NET libraries.

Progress / OpenEdge / ABL Syntax Highlighting for HTML & Wordpress

1 minute read

Just finished polishing up and committing a Progress/OpenEdge/ABL syntax highlighting brush extending Alex Gorbachev’s JavaScript SyntaxHighlighter to GitHub!